Nicaraguan food at Bloor & Ossington

I don’t know of any other places in Toronto that serve Nicaraguan cuisine, and I was pretty excited to try it for the first time. La Bella Managua is a small, casual spot that cooks a variety of Nicaraguan food in big portions and with lots of flavour. 


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Khan Murjan Cafe – Iraqi food in Mississauga 

Iraqi restaurants in the GTA are still pretty unusual, and I went to Khan Murjan Cafe in search of some hard-to-find traditional Iraqi dishes.

It’s located in a little strip mall in Erin Mills, Mississauga a.k.a the Middle East (right next door is also a middle eastern supermarket).

The restaurant isn’t just a cafe – it serves up a substantial buffet of classic Iraqi dishes like masqouf  (grilled fish), kibbeh hamoud (rice and beef patties in tomato sauce), mahshi (vegetables stuffed with rice and meat), and the requisite pan-Arab dish of lamb with rice.  

The food at the buffet didn’t make for pretty pictures – but it makes up for that in flavour. 

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Boralia – Aboriginal and Canadian cuisine on Ossington

It’s not often that a restaurant gets rave reviews across the board (Toronto Life, the Star, the Globe, and others as well). Boralia draws inspiration for its food from the recipes of early settlers and traditional Aboriginal dishes. Given that it’s take on new Canadian cuisine seemed to really impress, I picked Boralia to celebrate a recent special occasion. The restaurant didn’t disappoint and I have to agree with the critics (note: Boralia recently changed its name from Borealia due to copyright issues).   

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Smith Restaurant – Church & Wellesley

Smith restaurant is a cozy and dimly lit space that feels like someones ushered you in from the cold, wrapped you up in a big warm hug, and sat you down to sample some of the best food you’ve had in a long time.

Owner Renda Abdo excels at creating experiences that feel like a weekend getaway with the comforts of home.

At Smith, the menu descriptions are deceptively simple, and don’t reveal the depth  of flavours and technique in each dish that came to the table.

Smith restaurant4

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