Smith Restaurant – Church & Wellesley

16 Feb

Smith restaurant is a cozy and dimly lit space that feels like someones ushered you in from the cold, wrapped you up in a big warm hug, and sat you down to sample some of the best food you’ve had in a long time.

Owner Renda Abdo, who also owns Black Skirt, my favorite Italian spot in the city, excels at creating experiences that feel like a weekend getaway with the comforts of home.

At Smith, her outpost on Church street, the menu descriptions are deceptively simple, and don’t reveal the depth  of flavours and technique in each dish that came to the table.

Smith restaurant4

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Maha’s – Egyptian Brunch

7 Feb

Maha’s is an east end café that serves up the only Egyptian brunch in the city. It’s a family-run spot, and it’s worth the trek to the corner of Gerrard and Greenwood.


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Joey’s – At the Eaton Centre

28 Aug

I finally made it to Joey’s. I’ve been hearing such good things about the place – despite the fact that it’s a chain restaurant. After getting some recommendations off of Yelp, I ordered Baja Fish tacos as a main.


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Daniel et Daniel – Gourmet Takeout in Cabbagetown

22 Aug

Daniel et Daniel is a pretty little Cabbagetown food shop, bakery, and caterer all rolled into one. I was tipped off to this little gem of a place by my manager.


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Diner’s Corner – West Indian at Yonge & Wellesley

28 Sep

Diner’s Corner is a cozy West Indian neighbourhood spot off of Yonge street. My co-worker recommended a few things off the menu, and I got to try at least one dish that I’ve never had before!

stewed chicken platter

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Gourmet Gringos food truck

6 Sep

Gourmet Gringos is a roving gourmet Latin food truck that serves tacos, burritos, arepas and more. They were at Ryerson today, and I got a chance to try a two taco deal – shredded chicken with mayo and a mole (mexican cocoa sauce) braised beef shortrib.


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Mombasa, Kenya – My Camera Went on Vacation Without Me

15 Apr

Hi folks, I’m back after a month’s hiatus! I was stranded without my camera for a while. It hopped on plane to sunny Mombasa and left me in the lurch covered in snow. Now that the camera’s back (thank you little sister), I can get back to regular posting!

Mombasa Island

The camera came back with souvenirs – from looks of these photos, it had a great time. I’m quite jealous, I miss all the great food in Mombasa, and I can practically taste it… Continue reading


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