Mombasa, Kenya – My Camera Went on Vacation Without Me

Hi folks, I’m back after a month’s hiatus! I was stranded without my camera for a while. It hopped on plane to sunny Mombasa and left me in the lurch covered in snow. Now that the camera’s back (thank you little sister), I can get back to regular posting!

Mombasa Island

The camera came back with souvenirs – from looks of these photos, it had a great time. I’m quite jealous, I miss all the great food in Mombasa, and I can practically taste it…

Street Food

Mombasa street food is amaaazing.

Quintessential island snacks – from the top of the photo: east african style sambusas made with crisp phyllo pastry; battered and fried potato dumplings stuffed with a cayenne/lemon paste; more sambusas; and my favorites are the bajias –  deep fried chickpea/coriander fritters.

The Oscar Goes to the Cassava Chips

And drum roll for my absolute favorite street food in the world:  fried cassava chips sold on the shores of the island…thinly sliced fresh cassava dusted with cayenne, salt, and a squeeze of lemon.

Cassava Chips


2 thoughts on “Mombasa, Kenya – My Camera Went on Vacation Without Me

  1. Halumi says:

    OMG can I just start with, I am obsessed with your blog. I think what your doing is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was wondering when you will be able to re-post because I’m familiar with the fact that you encountered some culinary adventures not to long ago so I was hoping you could post about that? Anyways thanks for reading this and stay epic!!!!!!!

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